Pea Green Projects - Ipsden Handyman, Pea Green Boats and Pea Green garden furniture
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Pea Green Projects has a wide offering including: 

The Ipsden Handy man for all the DIY household jobs that you can't, don't have time or don't wish to do, from putting up shelves to building a fitted bedroom.

Pea Green Furniture produces a range of solid timber garden furniture based on the Adirondack style chair. We also make bespoke garden or playground structures for: shelter, dining or childrens' play.

Pea Green boats have restored old timber boats and prototyped a number of simple working type craft based on French and American designs.

We are developing a range of inexpensive rowing and paddling craft which can be bought as stock designs or customised to suit your needs.

David Kelley 0776 256 6195

Photographs of previous work

Adirondack style chair made from treated and re-cycled timber

Design for 'Play Barn' at Crowmarsh Pre-School

New side gate installation

Custom designed and built bedroom for a boy

Custom designed and built bed base and bed head for an older boy

Tideway dinghy after re-planking by Paul Gray

The same Tideway dinghy after finishing by David Kelley

Tideway dinghy interior after restoration and re-finishing by David Kelley

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